Saturday, August 29

Special program - Oil Trains, Communities at Risk!

Please note SPECIAL TIME, 10 AM, September 15 (Tuesday)
SPECIAL PLACE, Carbondale Civic Center

Crude oil trains: Communities at risk!

Fiery oil train accidents across the country drive home the dangers of transporting hazardous materials via rail within yards of homes, schools and playgrounds. Gerri Songer, a member of the Sierra Club Woods and Wetlands Group and contact for Energy Transport and Infrastructure, will outline the need for better regulations and more safety measures.

Ms. Songer is an educator and serves as Education Chair for the Township District 214 Education Association. Her experiences in civic participation and environmental concern have inspired her to teach high school students how to become participants in their democracy and advocates for public health and safety through an extracurricular “Students4Democracy” at Elk Grove High School, where she teaches.

Free and open to the public! Tuesday, Sept. 15 at 10 am. Carbondale Civic Center, 200 South Illinois Avenue, Carbondale

Contact Ruth Kelley at (618) 684-2196.

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