Tuesday, June 4

Fall/Winter 2013 Outings

This is the Sierra Club hikes for Sept-December 2013. More information on these places are on this same blogsite just by scrolling the index. All hikes require an RSVP to Bob Tyson at 618-684-5643.

Sept 8. Cove hollow Trail. Pomona,ill. Leave Murphysboro ranger station 12:45. this 4 mile shuttle trail offers views of steep cliff lines,shelter caves,slot canyons,frequent lake views. This outing venue may change if the nearby privately owned shawnee cave opens to the public.

Oct 13. Hayes Creek Trails 191-191A. Glendale,ill. Car pool starts murdale Shopping Ctr sign at 9:30, former Wal-mart parking 10am Marion. Other points tba. Well-constructed trails take us along pretty cliff lines which parallel hayes creek. 
Oct 27.  Service outing at Kinkaid waterfall/spillway. Meet 12:45 Murphysboro ranger station. Clean up trash in both the parking area and each level of the waterfall. This is adjacent to Kinkaid lake Trail.

Nov 10.  One Horse Gap. Pope County,ill. Car pool starts 9am Murdale Shopping Ctr sign in Carbondale, 9:30 former Walmart parking in Marion. other points tba. First stop is the geological formation known as the gap. Next we make a loop of trails 169-170 which features a rim trail over a cliff line and views of surounding valleys and ridges. The base trail runs 1.2 miles along 300 ft cliff lines and rock formations.

Dec 8. Fountain Bluff River Trail. Gorham,ill. Meet 12:45 ranger station in Murphysboro. This is on private property. Enjoy continuous views that bisect steep cliff lines on one side, and mississippi river views on the otherr side.

Note: Missouri Sierra Club outings which are within 75 miles of Carbondale will be added when available. Likewise, River to River Society hikes will also be added to this page when available this fall. Check back about mid-September or so.