Monday, July 8

Bob Tyson, the Outings Chair and ExCom member of Shawnee Group Sierra Club for many years, suffered a massive heart attack on July 5th while clearing brush from a trail in Cove Hollow.  He was found on the trail by two mountain bikers.

As you may know already, Bob encouraged people to get outdoors, take a hike and enjoy nature by leading hikes, exploring new areas and by posting directions for "self-adventure" hikes here on this blog.  His archives of self-adventure trails will be maintained on this blog, but we do not yet know if anyone will take up this challenge to follow in Bob's footsteps.

Bob also recruited a team of people who are stewards of various trails in Southern Illinois.  Bob made many contributions to Shawnee Group, his church and other organizations.  He will be sorely missed by many people, and leaves a huge hole in the Shawnee Group ExCom. 

Bob had hikes planned for the fall for Shawnee Group's outings.  These have been cancelled, and we are now looking for volunteers to become official outings leaders for Shawnee Group Sierra Club.  It may take several people to each lead a couple hikes per year.  Of course, we can't really replace Bob.

Kay, Bob's wife, wants to set up a memorial fund that would go to promote outings for Shawnee Group.  We are also in discussion about what would be a fitting memorial.  One suggestion would be a plaque at one of Bob's favorite trails.  If you have any questions or suggestions, you can contact me at  or 618-529-4824
Barb McKasson, Chair
Shawnee Group Sierra Club