Wednesday, September 17

Walk-Away Trail

Continuing with our series, "Adventures With Uncle Bob-Guide to Self-Adventure in Southern Illinois," we feature the above trail in Lake Murphysboro State Park. Directions: From Murphysboro continue west on Rt 149 for a few miles and watch for the brown park sign. Upon entering, come to a "T" junction and go right. Continue east about a half mile and turn left into Big Oak campground where there is parking at the trailhead. I estimate this moderate level trail at approximately 2 miles total. This trail lacks for maintenance, judging by vegetation over the trail, downfalls over the trail, and rotting wood bridges; However, it is clear enough to follow.

The trail traverses a valley surrounded by ravine walls and climbs to a ridgetop. We cross a park road and continue on with similar features. Upon crossing another bridge, note a side trail on the left (a bench is close at hand). I took this side trail for a half mile until it disappeared. The prominent features are unobstructed views of extremely tall trees.

Back to our junction at the bridge, turn left and continue the main trail uphill where it becomes a ridge trail with continuous views of the valley floor. We reach Razorback Point. Follow the staircase to the floor. Turn right, and traverse the valley for a while until it climbs back up to the top of the ridge, making a loop at the intersection. Turn left and follow the trail back to the parking lot. More info from Bob Tyson at 684-5643 or
Or check out the state park at and click on lake murphysboro state park.