Tuesday, September 22

Cedar Bluff Trail

Continuing with our series, "Adventures with Uncle bob-Guide to Self-adventure in Southern Illinois," we feature Cedar Bluff trail and a side trip to BORK'S WATERFALL. Both are on Illinois Dept of Conservation land. Take I-57 south from Marion, Ill. to Lick Creek exit. Go east thru the village, continuing about 5 miles, and come to a junction. Turn left and go to Cedar Grove Church parking lot. The trail starts in the woods on your right. It will gradually ascend for 0.3 mile to a junction with the bluff line. The cliff walls average about 80-90 ft and include several rock shelters. Note the wavy texture of the rock formations and pattern lines. Turn left and follow the cliff line until the trail ends at the private property line. Come back to the junction and continue straight ahead on this trail segment along the cliff line. It will end at approx 0.3 mile. Note the 3 story, free-standing boulder, as well as a path to the top of the cliff (don't try this when the soil is wet and slippery). At the top, turn left, and bushwhack a short distance to an unobstructed view over the valley and adjacent ridgetops. This is a major rapelling area. Return to the car.Coordinates are N37.521718 and W-89.022851.

Take Cedar Grove road north from the church about 6 miles (first 3 are paved) and note a parking lot just before a stream which flows across the road. One choice is to walk over the stream and take the rim trail on the east side of the chasm. At some point you will see an obvious place to drop to the bottom of the cliffs and go to the base of the falls. Another choice is to descend the R-R trail by the parking lot and enjoy the cliff lines as you descend on this service road to the bottom. Then turn left at the clearing and pick up the base cliff trail to the waterfall. This flows over a wide shelter bluff and approx 50 ft. Another access to the falls is available by taking Goreville exit on I-57, go east and turn right on Regent Road.coordinates at the waterfall are 89 1' 19.44"w and 37 32' 29.41"N

More info from Bob Tyson at 684-5643 or robkay43@webtv.net