Monday, December 6

Quetil Trail

Continuing with our series "Adventures With Uncle Bob - Guide to Self-Adventure in Southern Illinois," we feature Quetil trail, owned by the Village of Alto Pass, IL. Directions: Take Rt 127 south from Murphysboro to Alto Pass. Proceed thru town to a small parking lot. The entrance to the trail is well-marked, along with a historical display marker. This level-grade trail is a renovated old rail bed approx 1/4 mile long. Most of it is graveled and there are 3 benches along the way. On the left we have a pretty,long cliff line averaging 40-50 ft; On the right, note all of the free-standing huge boulders. During leaf-off, note the adjacent valleys and ridge tops.

At one point there is a rock staircase in the cliffs to ascend to the top for the picnic area and further views over the horizon (you can also drive to that bluff top from downtown). Eventually, the cliff line will diminish and the trail continues thru the woods, ending at a private property gate.

This is an excellent trail for those who are more physically-challenged or unable to handle most trails in the Shawnee. GPS coordinates 37.64859 and 89.34329 Pomona Quad. Any questions, contact Bob Tyson at 684-5643 or