Wednesday, May 9

Uncle Bob: Jackson Hollow

This is an update to a previous article written on exploring Jackson Hollow in Southern Illinois. See our website at :

1. While hiking on the north side base of the cliffs, having passed the waterfall, you are on trail 402. When you get to a junction with trail 403,make a side trip on the latter for a short distance view a balanced rock resting above a 20 ft boulder. Return to 402 and continue on to the railroad track. Re-trace your route back to the rim access.

2. You may also want to visit the west side of Jackson Hollow by driving down Trigg Tower Road. Just before the horse ranch, look for a small parking area on the right and an orange electric utility box on the left. Park here, walk south about 50 ft and cross a stone glade area. Head downhill and look to your right. You will find a circular rock shelter about 500 ft long , and approx 20 ft deep. A great geological wonder! Photos are available at On the search line write:

jackson hollow illinois.GPS coordinates are 37 30' 46.99N and 88 42' 5.65 W  12-13-12: the above website is a rewrite. From Marion,ill, go east to rt 166,go thru Creal Springs,turn right on us 45, turn left at Ozark,ill. Go about 5 miles,and turn right on the next road after the Trigg tower sign. This road descends to the parking lot. Forget this place on weekends as rock climbers fill up the lot. Upon arrival,walk west to the top of the waterfall. take the user-made trail on the left to enjoy rim top views. The trail turns north and watch for 2 places, about 1/8 mile apart,to descend to the base.Go right and enjoy the cliff line and rock formations along trail 049. We pass the waterfall and continue along the north side of this U-shaped canyon. We reach the railroad tracks. You can retrace your route back to the car,or ascend to the top and arrive at the parking area. To do the latter, turn right and follow the tracks until you see the obvious unmarked trail back to the cliff line. Go about 50 ft and note a gap between a boulder and cliff line and ascend to the top. Go right. You are now on trail 048. Again we have another trail with continuous rim top views. You will walk about 1.8 miles on this section back to the car. 

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