Monday, February 5

Greetings Shawnee Sierra Club Bloggers

This is my first voyage into posting on a blog. So far, it has been easy. I just have to remember my password. Hey, if I can do this, so can you!

The latest news from Shawnee Group is that we have two new lobby liason volunteers to help with lobbying our state representatives - Rep. David Reis from Olney and Rep. Brandon Phelps from Harrisburg. If you are interested in becoming a member of our Illinois Chapter Lobby Corps, please let us know - here on this blogspot, or call Barb at (618) 529-4824. You must be a Sierra Club member to be part of the Corps. You do receive training and support! Also, you do not have to travel to Springfield. Just lobby your state representative at his/her home office in a town near you! We will even make sure another member comes with you for the interview. We will give you briefings on the bills that we are working on.
If you have questions and think you may be interested, do not hesitate to call me (Barb).

Also, we are in the process of planning an Energy Film Fest, which will take place March 22-31st. If you would like to help with the film fest, please let me know (Barb, 529-4824). We need help with hosting the presentations and also with publicity. Don't hesitate - we need you! The films are all dealing with some aspect of Global Warming, Energy Conservation, Alternative Sources of Energy, etc. It is part of the National Sierra Club project to bring these films to places across the U.S.


Anonymous said...

This one fine looking blog!I am looking forward to reading many good stories here.

Jack Darin said...

Welcome! Great to see this up and running. I'll figure out how to link to yours on mine.